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What are the Benefits of Building a Hardwood Deck in South Florida?

Building a Hardwood Deck in South Florida

If you are looking for the benefits of building a hardwood deck in Florida, keep reading this article!

“After a few years, I saw cracking and splitting signs on my deck…then came the rot and decay”. This statement is one among hundreds of complaints by customers who use poor- or low-quality decking.

South Florida is the perfect place to have a deck since you can use it all year long, but the strong rays of sun, the tropical storms, and humidity are take their toll on wooden structures.  

Does this mean there’s no way to have a long-lasting deck? 

While a low-quality decking can be both unsafe and unreliable in the long run, a hardwood decking such as an ipe or cumaru deck is both safe, long lasting and element-proof.  Unlike decks made of soft or domestic wood such as pressure treated wood, ipe decks will last for over 35 years without rotting, splintering, cracking, succumbing to mold or mildew, and will not splinter.

Here is a full list of benefits of building a Hardwood Deck in South Florida:

  • Mold and Water Resistant: Ipe hardwood decking (aka Brazilian Hardwood) has superior water-resistant property which virtually shielded it from humid weather, excess rain or heavy downpour.  Ipe grows naturally in the rainforest where humidity and heavy rainfall means trees have evolved to withstand such harsh weather conditions.  Thanks to its density and high concentration of tannic acid, fungi and termites cannot penetrate it.   
  • Fire Resistant: when some people think about using wood in buildings, what usually comes to mind is the possibility of a fire outbreak. The uniqueness of Ipe hardwood stands out once more: Ipe hardwood has a Class A fire resistance – the same as concrete and steel. This property of Ipe means there is no need to worry about escalated damages in situations involving fire outbreaks.
  • High Density: ipe is so dense that it sinks in water, so building a deck in ipe is almost like building a deck in concrete.  Thanks to its strength, the underlying structure can be spaced with the joists further apart, meaning an ipe deck will save money on materials for the structure. 
  • Scratch Resistant: the presence of scratches on your deck can make it look old and lose its natural glow. Excellent and premium hardwood decking like ipe or cumaru is resistant to scratches that may result from walking with footwears.  

If you are in search of truly solid decking lumber, Ipe should be the number one on your list. Aside from the above benefits, Ipe decking does not splinter and can be easily maintained. Whether you’re in South Florida or any part of the world, a hardwood decking is the best option when it comes to decking. 

At Ipe Decking Installation Miami, we specialize in building custom-designed decks and outdoor wood projects. We build decks, pergolas, fences, gates, docks, gazebos, louvers, privacy screens, and can clad your roof, shower, siding, outdoor kitchen, interior, and exterior walls and ceilings. 

From planning to execution, we always have a professional working with you who will always be available for consultation. We are experienced, licensed, and professional finish carpenters, which means you can expect a highly trained crew to complete your job. By hiring us you can rest assured you are getting consummate professionals: on time, on budget and the work product result will be fantastic!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that wood materials like ipe or cumaru are scratch-resistant and can keep a deck looking new. I have always wanted a wooden deck but I’ve been afraid that it won’t withstand my kids and dogs. If I get one, then I’ll make sure it is made of ipe or cumaru so that my family won’t destroy it quickly.

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