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Can we see any of your work?

Can I get references or talk to past customers?

Yes. We would be happy to put you in contact with past customers. The best way to do this is by contacting us (561) 945-2640 or (954) 638-6739 and letting us know what type of project you are interested in (deck, dock, pergola, boardwalk, siding, cladding, outdoor kitchen, etc.). We will then find a past customer who had that type of work done and put you in contact.

What is your guarantee?

We will do the best work for your project by installing only premium materials, following all building and city codes, and working under a valid license. Before your final payment, we will go over the finished project with you, and if you have any concerns or don’t feel something is up to your standard will work to have it adjusted. After the final project delivery, you can still call us and we will be happy to help you. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Hardwood is a natural product, so the color can have some variations, and once installed there could be some movement, depending on climatic conditions.
  • Hardwood must be maintained in order to keep its natural color. Depending on the amount of direct sunlight, in South Florida that could mean oiling the deck every six months (but usually once a year will be enough). We sell yearly maintenance packages which can make the caring for your deck easy and less expensive.

Are you competitive in pricing?

We do not compete with our prices, we compete with the quality of our work and our customer service. We use premium products and specialized carpenters – we are not a company of handymen. Countless times we have been called out to customers where other companies have either underestimated their costs and want to later charge much more or where other companies have started the work but done it either incorrectly or have not done it in a timely manner.

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes. You can look up our license by going to http://egvsys.miamidade.gov:1608/WWWSERV/ggvt/bnzawbcc.dia and looking us up through our license number or our company name (Extreme Woodwork LLC). We are also happy to provide any other licensing, insurance, workers compensation information you may require.

How much experience do you have?

The owner of the business has been working in construction business for over seven years and most of our carpenters have been working with ipe for an average of 15 years. Every year our company attends continued education courses and building material conferences so that we are up to date with the latest building techniques and code requirements.

Are you covered under worker’s compensation?

Yes. We are happy to provide that and amplify our coverage if your project, HOA, or company requires it.

Where do you get your materials?

We purchase most of our materials from our sister company Brazilian Lumber LLC which means we do get a special prices and priority delivery times. We are happy to offer you FSC certified wood or hardwood alternatives if you wish. We have accounts with all mayor composite decking brands, which we can also install.

What maintenance can I expect for my deck?

Regardless of the decking material you choose, it will require some maintenance. To properly care for hardwood decks they should be pressure washed and oiled (if you wish to maintain the brown color, otherwise just pressure washing is enough). If your deck has not been maintained and has grayed, we can bring the original color back by sanding it after pressure washing it.

Most decks will require re-oiling every eight (8) months, but if your deck is located in direct sunlight, near a chlorine or salt pool, under a tree with very messy drippings, or near the ocean, it could require maintenance every four (4) months.

How often you will your deck need maintenance?

This depends on the type of wood your deck is made of (ipe, cumaru, jatoba, massaranduba, santos mahogany), the deck location of the deck, and most importantly the surrounding environment. The sun is the biggest enemy when it comes to ipe and cumaru fading, so if your deck is south facing, and in direct sunlight it will probably require more frequent maintenance. Enemy number two for deck’s color fading is saline water, so an oceanfront deck brings will need more care.

We would be happy to offer you a complimentary assessment and create a personalized maintenance program for your outdoor structure. Depending on what the deck is built of, it may need a yearly wash or it may require sanding, stripping, re-staining, or pressure washing.

Do you offer maintenance and do you have maintenance packages available?

We can help you maintain your deck just as gorgeous as it was the day it was installed. Our expert carpenters will assess your deck based on the type of wood you have and make recommendations.

What is Ipe?

IPE is a tropical hardwood from South America that is often used for exterior structures. IPE is hooked for outdoor construction because it is very resistant to the elements such as sun, rain and wind. Unlike pressure-treated or domestic wood, IPE does not rot, scratch, or deteriorate easily

What is Cumaru?

Cumaru is a type of tropical hardwood often used in outdoor construction it is characterized by its reddish color and its resistance to the outdoor elements.

What is the difference between Ipe and Cumaru?

IPE and Cumru are similar in many ways, as both are tropical hardwoods used for outdoor construction. Ipe’s the more dense of the two, thus picked more often for exterior projects. Another big difference between ipe and cumaru is their color, ipe has a dark brown color more like a walnut color, while cumru has more of a reddish golden tint.

What type of structures does IpeDeckingInstallationMiami.com build?

We construct all types of exterior structure such as decks, stairs, boardwalks, docks, pergolas, gazebos, fences, gates, privacy screens; We clad garage doors, walls, side of outdoor kitchens, sides of outdoor showers, and we clad ceilings. We also install some hardwood floors, hardwood stairs, and hardwood beams.

What type of decks are available?

We can build flush decks, multi-level decks, rooftop decks, balcony deck, decks with stairs, decks with railings, decks that are attached to houses, or freestanding decks. We have experience building decks for residences and for commercial real estate too.

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