Ipe Decking Installation Miami


Flushed Ipe Deck

Project Info

Material 1x6 Ipe (Brazilian Walnut)
Style Modern
City Miami

Project Description

The owners wanted the deck to be flush against the concrete base of the Jacuzzi. This required digging into the sand and building the structure under the ground level to insure that there would be enough air flow under the decking so the ipe would not warp.  Ipe decking or any hardwood or composite decking needs to be on top of joists so that air and water can flow underneath.

For added elegance, 13 foot boards were carefully selected to give a uniform look.  This design is well suited for modern and contemporary homes, as it maintains a very sleek and seamless look.   The adjoining wall and ceiling were clad in matching ipe to tie the deck to the house and to give the wall an added accent. The ipe chosen for the project is a South American hardwood which was darkened in color by oiling with ipe oil.